Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Beauty of Cotton

We headed out before the sun came up for some sunrise beauty.  I love our morning drives to the country to watch the sunrise together.  These cotton field views we found were so beautiful.  I'm sure the farmers that saw us on the side of the road were suspicious and thought we were mental when they saw the camera in my frozen hands.

Beautiful field of cotton in the middle of nowhere around Slaton and Acuff, Texas.

All the equipment was lined up perfectly for a cotton field sunrise photo.

Lots of fields left to harvest, but there are also a lot of
modules in empty fields across the horizon
that need to be picked up. 

Rows of cotton going as far as the eye can see.

Sun glow on a field of cotton and look at that sky.

The cotton bolls are so pretty with the glow of the sun behind them.

Acuff Gin

Acuff, Texas
Look at how the sun is shining on the cotton stalks.

Lubbock, Texas
The sun was glowing off the tall cotton filled field.
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