Sunday, December 23, 2012

Seminole Christmas Visits

We missed Christmas last night with Dad's side, so we are off to Seminole this morning to visit with those still around. We even got to catch Granny between naps! It was good to see everyone even if it was so short. Shannon got her camera out before everyone went their ways. I got a few with my phone. I can't wait to see her memories captured!

Haha! I was too slow, but it stays because thats the only one I have.

Dad and Grandpa being silly.

Denny and family...even Julian! 

Brother and 2 of his sisters...and Grandpa in the back.

I love this one of  Levi and Grandpa!

Kyle and the boys.  That's as still as they get! Such a cute picture!

The Girls! Sugar and sweetness!

The Boys! Everything rotten!!  :)

Julian closing in on Kevin!

Watch out! Kayden is sneaking up!