Monday, July 9, 2012

Amarillo to Get a Bike

We have been in search of bikes the last few weeks and headed to Amarillo to check out their supply.

We saw a lot of beautiful agricultural scenes along the way.

Finally found the bike my love wanted and it was on sale!!

We ate some really good BBQ at Famous Dave's.

And stopped at Palo Dura Canyon on the way home.
To see the beautiful sites.
To walk some trails.

And most spend the day with my best friend.

We enjoyed the beauty of God's Country.

I took many pictures of the different grasses on the trails.

It was a lovely day with so many great views.

And such a loving man to enjoy it all with.

I could hardly contain my wish to unload the bike and ride just for a little while.

But for today I would fill my head with a canyon view.
And even hike the trail to see the Lighthouse Rock.
And time with my love doing what we enjoy.
Even the wild flowers greeted us before we left.
He even stopped on the way home so I could get these shots of the country scenes that I love so much.
So open and peaceful.
A wonderful day to explore!